5th Annual Richmond Silly Parade

Calling All Richmond! It’s coming, the new, improved, all organic, “5th Annual Richmond Silly Parade,” Saturday, April 2, from 10:30 to 11:16 at the corner of 23rd and Macdonald Ave. in downtown Richmond, California.

Come march with us, or line the sidewalk, and EOL (Enjoy Out Loud).

Building on the success of the city’s Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, and Home Front festival events, the Richmond Silly Parade welcomes all Richmond neighbors and neighborhoods to parade in the street and get in touch with your inner silly.

Originally conceived as a take-off on marching parades, the Richmond Silly Parade has transformed itself into a celebration of our city’s imagination, verve, diversity, pride and purpose.

Last year’s marchers, lead by La Raza Car Club, included the Boy Scouts, Rosie the Riveters, the Senior Citizen Dry-Water Swim Team, Denzel Washington, Purple Hula Hoopers, pets in costume, pet owners in costume, umbrella gymnastics, soccer teams, saxophone players, “La Rondella del Sagrado Corazon”, Mother Earth, and the Jennifer Lopez Look-alike Bicycle Consortium.

This year, for the “5th Annual”, we’re hoping for giant puppets, gospel groups, a baby brigade, kids in Halloween costumes, stilt-walkers, floats, more giant puppets, and people just like you along with your friends, domino club, union brothers and sisters, support group, etc.

Remember everyone can participate. All you need are a prop and an idea (for example, flyswatters or cell phones.) For inspiration, check out “The “4th Annual Richmond Silly Parade” video on YouTube. Parade photographs are posted at “fletcher oakes silly parade”, or Google, the “Doo Dah” parade of Pasadena, CA.

For information, more ideas and registration, email richmondsillyparade@gmail.com or telephone Michael Beer at 235-5519 (not after 10:37 p.m.).

Please forward this press release to all your Facebook, Twitter and email friends. Remember, if you can’t march with us on the day after April Fools, bring the folks, come and watch, and shout huzzah, olé, and “Yeah Richmond!”

Silly Parade
Last year's Silly Parade